ExCAELO Aerial Imaging DJI Inspire 1 flying

ExCAELO Aerial Imaging happened because we knew through experience that literally getting a different perspective on things could be of enormous benefit across a whole range of industries.

Raised on a small hill-farm in North Wales, Managing Director Rheinallt's background is in Archaeology and Heritage Management, spending nearly 10 years working in this field.  Moving on to project development within the Environmental sector. 

During most of his career aerial imaging and surveying was a technology that wasn't widely available or economically viable to many of the organisations he worked for, making historic, landscape and farm surveys an expensive, complicated and time-consuming task.

Having been flying a drone as a hobbyist prior to setting up ExCAELO's it was pretty clear that offering affordable aerial imaging, surveying and inspection could provide huge benefits for a wide range of sectors and businesses.

Fellow director Julie has extensive experience of the Town and Country Planning sector, how it works, the challenges and the solutions.

Julie has a strong working knowledge of the legal framework and is known for her ability to resolve complex planning challenges in a practical way.

She could see immediately the benefit of drone based surveying, inspection and monitoring in her line of work. Identifying the value of providing a service that was affordable and easily accessible to developers of all sizes; providing benefits not only to the developer, but to planning authorities during the decision-making process and in monitoring projects.

ExCAELO is therefore a case of technology catching up with a need that had been identified as long as 20 years ago
 - affordable, quick, simple and easily accessible aerial photography, inspection and surveying.