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An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone and also referred by several other names such as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.

The remote pilot is assisted by the onboard GPS navigation system, that helps control flight, stabilise the aircraft and provides accurate flight telemetry information.

We operate DJI’s Inspire 1 aircraft, DJI's most advanced complete package.

The Inspire 1 can fly indoors and without GPS using its vision positioning system, bringing simplicity to flying indoors .

A real-time feed from the Inspire 1's camera can be displayed on a mobile device or screen giving a perfect view of what the camera sees.

Separate and complete control of both the camera and flight system is possible. Everything from manual camera controls to flight telemetry and even auto takeoff and landing can be controlled remotely.​


As a business we’re committed to working with you to offer a wide range of services best suited to your business needs; from simple aerial photos and video, full video production through to accurate geo-referenced survey, inspection, mapping and modelling.


Each project is custom designed individually and we’d be happy to talk to you about how we can best add value to your business.


If you are considering using a UAV for any ‘commercial gain’; which includes using any material obtained for promotional purposes (websites, social media or publications etc) or as ‘added value’ to your existing services, legally you do need to ensure you use the services of a suitably qualified Operator who has ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ granted from the Civil Aviation Authority UK. As we are.

This ensures that all operations happen safely, legally and have the required level of insurance. It also means you can legally use the materials produced.

There are a few general guidelines we can offer, but if you have any doubts please get in touch:

  • We require the permission of the landowner to take off and land.

  • We cannot fly directly over people & buildings which are not under the direct control of the pilot & crew and require a minimum of 50 meters distance from these objects.

  • Certain restrictions apply to certain areas of the country and additional permissions to fly may need to be sought from the CAA UK.


If we are flying near to an airport or aerodrome, we may need to contact Air Traffic Control to check with them that it is safe to operate at a certain height on a specified date and time.

Sometimes it may be necessary to do a pre-flight visit to a location to ascertain if it will be possible to fly. However, usually just a postcode or location of where and what we are filming will be enough for us to do a pre-flight survey online to see if there are any flight restrictions which we need to be aware of.

The Pilot always has the final say if flying conditions and locations can be ‘deemed safe'.


The UAV must remain within the Pilot’s visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times, within 500m of the pilot. 

Our legal maximum operating height is 120m.


In effect this gives us a working area of almost 1 Square Kilometer from any fixed point.


As it is possible for the pilot to move the ‘control & landing area’ easily and quickly around your site this limitation is more theoretical than actual.


We use LiPo rechargeable batteries to power our aircraft.

Each battery lasts approximately 15-18 minutes.

A battery change only takes 2 minutes and we always bring multiple batteries to each shoot and recharge during flights.


In accordance with CAA UK - CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace, Section 2.4.1, ExCaelo has £5 million liability insurance, provided by a  specialist UAV Operations Insurer.​

We'd be happy to provide you with any documentation.