“During the past 50 years, surveying and engineering measurement technology has made five quantum leaps: the electronic distance meter, total station, GPS, robotic total station and laser scanner. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) will be the sixth quantum leap in technology.”



(Frank L. Willis, PhD, PE, PLS, President Willis Engineering and Scientific LLC, )


Our  ‘eye in the sky’:


  • can capture high resolution photographs and video at heights up to 120 metres within operator line of sight.

  • is small enough and flexible enough to reach difficult areas.

  • can produce 3D images of landscapes or structures using Photogrammetry.

  • can produce accurate high-resolution photographic maps and plans of an area to scale.

  • can be programmed to fly a constant and repetitive survey pattern quickly.

  • can remember where it has been and return there over and over, anytime, year on year.

  • is GPS controlled, so each image can be precisely located.


The technology also allows for accurate, replicable surveys to be conducted over time, providing your business with a detailed inspection records for your assets.


Our aircraft can complete a survey of a large area quickly and simply. The images taken also contain geographical data that provide the ability to create affordable engineering-grade surface models, plans and maps.
These aircraft have greatly improved safety while lowering the cost of operations in every industry where they are being used.


Inspections can be carried out quickly and simply, removing the need for high-access inspection equipment or rope-access, enabling clients to prioritise time and resources when following up on any challenges identified during the UAV inspections.
Inspections can be viewed ‘live’, allowing your specialists to ‘direct’ your inspection as it happens.


One of the greatest capabilities of our technology is that it can produce accurate, scaled maps and plans of any area we can fly over.
Our aerial surveys can produce, geometrically corrected photographs and 3D point clouds for you that can be used to measure true distances, contours, profiles, volume and area statistics.
All these products are suitable for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Our geometrically corrected photographs and 3D point clouds enable us to provide your business with a 3D scale model or plan of most objects or land that we can fly over and around.
All these products are suitable for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and CAD systems.


As fully certified and insured commercial aerial imaging specialists, we can offer a range of solutions to suit your business’ needs quickly and flexibly.

We make access to the huge benefits of aerial imaging, easy and hassle free.

Utilizing the most modern technology, we provide an ‘eye in the sky’ that offers stunning aerial photography and videography abilities with unprecedented stability.