The Ancient Romans believed that 'signs' received 'ex caelo' (from the sky) were the most important signs to observe as they were thought to come directly from their supreme deity Jupiter.


At ExCAELO Aerial Imaging we also believe that creative solutions are often provided by looking at things from a different perspective - from the sky.


In fact just being able to take a closer look at things is often the best way to make better decisions or plan your 'next move'.

ExCAELO Aerial Imaging Drone Roof Inspection

If you've ever said 'I wish I could get up there and get a closer look at that', we can help you.
There are times when actually doing this can be tricky, expensive and often a challenging project in itself.
Through the use of drone technology ExCAELO Ltd is able to remove the trickiness, reduce costs and lessen the challenge.
Not only can we provide the perspective but also a picture (or video), whatever you're looking at.


We're able to see what others can't and provide you with a cost-efficient, minimal impact, aerial photography, survey, inspection and mapping service.

Through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles we can offer indoor or outdoor:

Aerial Photography - Close-up, Panoramic, Overhead or Oblique
Aerial Video 
Photogrammetry Services, Orthophotos and Digital Elevation Models (DEM)


The flexibility and versatility of our equipment means we can help your business with a broad range of potential applications.


Using our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Video and photo shoots, surveys and inspections can be carried out quickly and simply, helping your business prioritise time and resources.


High-resolution cameras capture the detail to your specific requirements.


Our technology allows for accurate, replicable flights to be conducted over time, providing your business with a detailed visual inspection timeline of projects or assets.



Our aim is to help your business gain the full value and benefits of using extremely versatile and flexible aerial platforms.


Of delivering quality, cutting edge, high-end aerial imaging, sensing and processing technologies, that’s best suited to your needs.

ExCAELO Aerial Imaging CAA UK PfAW Approved Drone Operator


Ensuring your business receives a service that is of the highest safety and compliance standards is core to our business.

Our Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority, United Kingdom, allows us to operate our aircraft commercially, governed by both legislation and our approved Operations Manual.

You can find ExCAELO's PfCO here

Each pilot possess approved Unmanned Aerial Vehicle piloting qualifications, assessed and awarded by a CAA approved pilot assessment body. 

There's more about our safety policy here

ExCAELO Aerial Imaging CAA UK Drone Operator Quality
ExCAELO Aerial Imaging CAA UK Drone Operator Excellence
ExCAELO Aerial Imaging CAA UK Drone Operator Safety


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